Printing 3D prototypes for the SOS Jewellery project at RMITs Design Hub

Emotional Technologies

Through my PhD research and teaching I interrogate the role of design in the development of therapeutic technologies and spaces. My projects are developed through a trans-disciplinary approach, which coalesces teams that traverse design, craft, electronic engineering, audiology, advanced textiles, healthcare and manufacturing. 

The PhD research has been undertaken through two large-scale, trans-disciplinary embedded projects – one in the public sector - with  RMIT Centre for Advanced Materials and Performance Textiles; and one in the private sector with Blamey Saunders hears. These projects are supported by a range of public engagement activities conducted in aged care environments, cancer hospitals and with hearing aid users. 

My teaching practice, delivered through RMIT Architecture and Design, is currently focused on the emotional experience of people going through cancer treatment. Throughout 2016 I was embedded in the Olivia Newton John Cancer and Wellness Centre, working with small cohorts of students to develop projects which engage with the service and spatial environment and how this responds to patients and carers. This is a unique and extraordinary opportunity to engage with patients, clinical and allied staff to develop better environments and services.